European Christian Political Youth (ECPYouth) is a political association of youth organizations from all over Europe. We are the independent youth organization of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM).


What do we stand for?

ECPYouth aim to reflect and work on Christian-democratic politics in Europe from an explicit Christian-social view. We build our political views on the foundation of relational thinking, which we see as the heat of Christian-democracy. We wish to inspire and equip youth with skills, because we are convinced that young people should play a key role in politics.

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Why join us?

ECPYouth is a network organization that aims to connect political youth organisations as well as individuals. In our organisation the Word of God is the foundation for all our activities. We try to translate the Word of God into concrete Christian-social politics. We are convinced that human beings are related to God, to other people and to the creation around us.

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Our network

ECPYouth consists of seven Member Organisations from six European countries. Representatives of the Member Organisations meet at least once a year at the ECPYouth General Assembly. ECPYouth is the youthwing organisation of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM).

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Erik-Jan Hakvoort


Erik-Jan Hakvoort (the Netherlands, 1991) just graduated and recieved both a Master's degree in political history as a Master's degree in teaching at Utrecht University. He is a teacher at...

Dimitri Bluashvili


Dimitri Bluashvili (Georgia; 1995) studying at Tbilisi State University, faculty of law. Dimitri is working as an International Secretary for the Young Cristian Democrats of Georgia (YCD) as well as...

Ardjan Boersma


Ardjan Boersma (the Netherlands, 1993) is a Master student Political Culture and National Identities (Research) at Leiden University. In 2015 he graduated and received his Bachelor's degree in History with honours. After...

Lizzie Francis


Lizzie Francis (United Kingdom, 1988) is a Consultant in the City of London. She has completed two masters in International Law and Social Research, and has gained experience in the...

Inna Panchuk


Inna Panchuk (Ukraine, 1989) is originally from Kyiv Region, Ukraine. Following her graduation from Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law in 2011, Inna has worked as International Affairs Manager...

Gabriela Urbanova


Gabriela Urbanova (Slovakia, 1988) currently graduated and received the PhD degree in Business Management at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She has been teaching the subjects of International Organisations and...