About Us

Who are we?

The European Christian Political Youth (ECPYouth) is a political association of youth organizations from all over Europe. We are the independent youth organization of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). We aim to reflect and work on Christian-democratic politics in Europe from an explicit Christian-social view. We build our political views on the foundation of relational thinking, which we see as the heat of Christian-democracy. We wish to inspire and equip youth with skills, because we are convinced that young people should play a key role in politics.


The European Christian Political Youth Network has a clear mission statement:

“To build together on Christian politics in Europe by collaboration, exchange of experience and active participation.”

ECPYouth is established in July 2004 in Kortenberg (near Brussels, Belgium). During the Summer School of 2004, organized by PerspectieF (Dutch ChristianUnion Youth), the representatives of the 8 youth organisations present, decided to establish a youth network based on the Lakitelek-declarations. These declarations are signed by a number of Christian political parties from all over Europe.


In December 2006 we agreed on a revision of the vision of ECPYouth under the title ‘A Christian-Social Contribution to Europe’. In August 2009 we choose a new board, which formalized the organization and its role towards ECPM in July 2010.

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