The ECPYouth Board consists of six Members who concern themselves with the greater schemes of international political cooperation of young Christians. To support the Board, Floris Wagenaar is employed as General Secretary for all administrative matters. Besides that there are two Working Groups (WG) that support Board Members on specific issues, like political strategy and communications. Below you can find a brief introduction of our Board, Staff and WG Members.


Dimitri Bluashvili

Dimitri Bluashvili – Relations


Dimitri Bluashvili (Georgia, 1995) is studying at Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law. Dimitri is working as International Secretary for the Young Cristian Democrats of Georgia (YCD) as well as serving as its Board Member. He started as an activist for the party, joining a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who were building a network of young Christian politicians across the country. Later he joined the YCD International Secretariat to assist international relations team before and during the 2012 general elections. Dimitri continued to be actively involved in international as well as electoral affairs, which led to his election as an YCD board member and appointment as International Secretary in 2014. He joined the ECPYouth board for the first time in 2015.


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Ardjan Boersma

Ardjan Boersma – Communications


Ardjan Boersma (the Netherlands, 1993) is a Master student Political Culture and National Identities (Research) at Leiden University. In 2015 he graduated and received his Bachelor’s degree in History with honours. After being a member of the local youth council of his home town, Ardjan joined the International Committee of SGP Youth (Dutch Reformed Party) in December 2013. July 2015, Ardjan was elected as Member of the Board by the General Assembly of ECPYouth.


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Hanna Stretovych

Hanna Stretovych – Events


Hanna Stretovych (Ukraine) joined the Board in 2018.


Erik-Jan Hakvoort

Erik-Jan Hakvoort– President


Erik-Jan Hakvoort (the Netherlands, 1991) just graduated and recieved both a Master’s degree in political history as a Master’s degree in teaching at Utrecht University. He is a teacher at a Christian high school in Arnhem. From 2012 till 2016 he was respectively Political Secretary and President of PerspectieF, the youth-wing of the Dutch political party ChristenUnion. In the summer of 2016 he was elected Board Member of ECPYouth. He joined ECPYouth because he believes the organisation to be a necessary positive alternative to the EU-negativity surrounding themes like Brexit, financial crises and migration.


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Blazej Duber

Blazej Duber – Politics 


Blazej Duber (Poland) is a political scientist, graduated from the University of Wrocław and the Free University of Brussels. He is the co-founder and president of the Young Republic Foundation. During his studies he was associated with the St. Matthias Catholic Pastoral Ministry for student in Wroclaw, Poland, where he founded and ran working up-to-day the “Intellect Academy”. In 2014 he was  the head of the victorious electoral campaign for the European Parliament’s candidate Kazimierz M. Ujazdowski. Today Blazej is the chief of MEP Ujazdowski’s staff and parliamentary assistant based in Brussels. In July 2017, Blazej was elected as ECPYouth Board Member, leading the Working Group Politics.


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Jan Henric van Vliet

Jan Henric van Vliet – Treasurer


Jan Henric van Vliet (Netherlands, 1998) joined the Board in 2018.




Floris Wagenaar – General Secretary

Floris Wagenaar (the Netherlands) studies Theology. In 2017 he finished his BA in Political Sciences. He has been active as a Board Member for a Dutch Christian student association. Floris also serves as Board member of Rover, an organisation for travellers rights. In September 2017 he was appointed General Secretary of ECPYouth.

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WG Politics

Maksim Hacak – Member WG Politics

Alina Koval – Member WG Politics

Tomas Rypak – Member WG Politics

Natalie Tsirbas – Member WG Politics

Jan Henric van Vliet – Member WG Politics


Working Group Communications

Bauke Stelma – Website Editor

Vacancy – Social Media Editor