Become a Member of ECPYouth

If you would like to become a member and get involved in this political association of youth organisations from all over Europe that provides an amazing environment and learning experience in a European community of young political leaders, please submit your application for consideration.


ECPYouth is an ever growing network with member organisations from all over Europe with great opportunities to work on Christian politics in Europe.


By getting involved as a member of ECPYouth, you shall have the right to cast a vote at the general assembly and thus begin a unique journey that will inspire and enrich you, and motivate you to make a positive difference in your country and community.


At the ECPYouth events/gatherings, there will be an international team of leaders, mentors, speakers and facilitators; all persons of integrity with rich experience in fields such as politics, media, business, religion, education, entertainment and the arts. The events include group activities, creative workshops, community service projects, trips to places of historical and educational interest; as well as music, and time for relaxation and quiet reflection, and much more.


All meetings are conducted in English, requiring that members have intermediate or advanced English skills. Program sessions will not be translated into the native languages of those attending.


The total annual membership cost is € 20 per person. We can provide a discounted rate of € 10 for those living in economically disadvantaged areas.


You will be notified if you are selected to become a member of ECPYouth, and we will provide you with additional information at that time.


We are looking forward to your completed application!

For more information, contact ECPYouth Board Member for Relations, Dimitri Bluashvili at

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