As a political youth organisation, we wish to become more active in publishing statements, writing resolutions and creating inspiring campaigns.

ECPYouth aims to be active in creating awareness about political and societal issues that touch Christian youth in Europe. Through the network positive as well as critical messages are shared with you.

Political Campaigns

Syrian Christians are under great pressure and need our prayers and political support. Therefore, our Political Secretary Ardjan Boersma together with a representative of SGP Youth visited a group of Christian Syrian refugees residing in the Netherlands.


In the coming weeks, ECPYouth will publish the personal stories of ten Syrian men who fled their country and left their jobs, homes, even wives and children behind. The lives of these ten Christian men tells another story. A story of despair and hope. Of suffering and joy.


Political Statements

Since the start of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, the situation on the ground has been worsening every day. At least 250.000 people have lost their lives, whereas more than half of the Syrian population has been forced to flee their homes. A great part of the country’s territory is under the rule of an Islamic caliphate, which shows no mercy to whatever ethnic or religious minority and being guilty of systematic mass murder.