Names vs. Numbers

ECPYouth dares you to see beyond the numbers and see people with names.

Syrian Christians are under great pressure and need our prayers and political support. Therefore, our Political Secretary Ardjan Boersma together with a representative of SGP Youth visited a group of Christian Syrian refugees residing in the Netherlands.


Some are still young and their future lies ahead. They dream to develop themselves, to take up their studies or work again. Others are aging, but battle for the future of the younger generation of Syrians. All long for safety and peace and hope European Christians will support them.


However the reality is not heart-warming. Male refugees are often badly depicted in public opinion and media. Refugees are either portrayed as poor victims or as criminals. Politicians tend to emphasize only the numbers. Deals are created in which refugees become bargaining goods.


In the coming weeks, ECPYouth will publish the personal stories of ten Syrian men who fled their country and left their jobs, homes, even wives and children behind. The lives of these ten Christian men tells another story. A story of despair and hope. Of suffering and joy.


Picture credits: Jan de Rooij