Summer and Winter Schools

ECPYouth organizes School every year in close collaboration with a local member organisation. Each event has a theme with political relevance. The most recent Summer School took place in Bern, Switzerland on the theme ‘The refugee and migrant crisis’. Key speakers are invited and workshops are given to highly engaged participants. We welcome all youth from both EU and non-EU countries interested in issues related to political engagement and public affairs as well as those that are interested in learning more practical skills about political activism. Check the gallery for an impression.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest authority in the network and consists of representatives of the member organisations and associates. The General Assembly meets at least one time a year. The General Assembly usually takes place during the Summer School in July. During the General Assembly, new board members are selected and financial as well as annual reports are discussed. It is a space for the member organisations to provide feedback and contribute to the plans and projects of ECPYouth. Check the gallery for an impression of the General Assembly of 2016 in Bern, Switzerland.

Regional Conferences

ECPYouth organises Regional Conferences in addition to the Summer Schools. Regional conferences are more focused on a specific regional theme and aim to target the youth of that specific region.

27 and 28 November 2015 a Regional Conference took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Dr. Paul Mills spoke about the challenges in European economies when it comes to dealing with debt. Besides listening to the inspiring Dr. Mills, who can make even the driest economic statistics sound interesting, we also applied and interacted with the knowledge through a simulation game.

On 30 April and 1 May 2016 a Regional Conference took place in the start up capital from Europe, namely Talinn, Estonia. The regional conference was centered around the experience shared by a businessman in heart and soul, Robert Maricak and Theodor Busescu, who is a professional coach, both in the corporate and church world.

The next Regional Conference will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia in the light of the upcoming elections in fall 2016.

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European Youth Prayer Breakfast

ECPYouth supports other events as well. For example, the launch of the first European Youth Prayer Breakfast.

The second version of this annual event, for young Christians, students and young professionals, will be held in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, on the 8th of December , 2016. We will get the chance to engage with other young European Christians who are interested in (European) politics and as well with professionals, such as MEP’s. Taking time to reflect, be inspired and connect with young Christians around Europe is so incredibly valuable. Are you joining us?

More information and registration can be found here