ECPYouth Members and Associates

ECPYouth Members and Associates - August 2016

Member Organsations


Christian Democratic Youth Movement – Georgia


Contact: Dimitri Bluashvili (International Secretary)


Christian Democratic Union of Youth – Ukraine


Contact: Inna Panchuk


Democratic Development Foundation  – Ukraine


Contact: Anatoliy Aleksandrov (Chairman)


*jevp – Switzerland


Contact: Reto Stalder (Secretary)


PCD Youth – France


Contact: Denys Dhiver


PPCD New Generation – Moldova


Contact: Alexandru Repida


PerspectieF – the Netherlands


Contact: Klariska ten Napel (International Secretary)


SGP Youth – the Netherlands


Contact: Wilco Kodde (International Secretary)

Members, Member Organsations and Associates

ECPYouth consists of eight Member Organisations from six European countries. Representatives of the Member Organisations as well as Individual Members meet at least once a year at the ECPYouth General Assembly.


In the near future ECPYouth wants to establish new relations and strengthen its existing relations with political youth parties and ngo’s. It is possible to become an active Member Organisation, an Associated Organisation or an Individual Member.



ECPYouth is the youthwing organisation of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). The ECPM is a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences and aims to strengthen the Christian Democratic thought and politics in Europe. Our goal is to build on Christian-democracy in Europe from a mainly Christian-social point of view. The movement has a broad scope on issues and themes. The ECPM offers an informal atmosphere. Parties, think tanks and individual politicians can participate in a broad range of ECPM activities such as conferences, seminars and trainings, and be involved in the further development of the ECPM.


The European Christian Political Foundation (CPFE) serves as the scientific institute of the ECPM.