ECPYouth embraces Christian values as a strong basis for a well-functioning society. At the core of these values is life, which is given by God and as such sacred and to be protected and respected.


The cornerstone of society is family. Family is a safe place for children to grow and learn to take responsibility. ECPYouth supports the freedom of parents to raise their children. Family is the prior framework for human life.


ECPYouth affirms the responsibility of every citizen for his/her own neighborhood. However, governments have a special responsibility for those who cannot support themselves. ECPYouth seeks to give a voice to the weak. Right to proper life does not depend on a person’s ability to create financial benefits. The third sector, churches included, support the society in its duty in a remarkable way.


Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. Freedom of religion and speech are crucial for any democratic society, both in terms of individuals, communities and organizations. These freedoms have to be protected and promoted both inside Europe and within the framework of the European foreign policies.


As God created the world, He ordained man to be a good steward of the Creation. Therefore a sustainable balance of economy and environment has to be pursued.


ECPYouth recognizes the richness of the diverse peoples and countries in Europe. Different national identities are to be valued and the sovereignty of states supported. Cooperation serves all the parties when structured according to the principle of subsidiarity.


The motivation for the political work comes from understanding that all authority comes ultimately from God who is the ruler of the Universe and makes Himself known through the Bible. Political authorities are His servants.


The guiding principles of the ECPYouth are defined more in detail in the declaration “Values for Europe”, which was adopted at Lakitelek, Hungary in 2003 by ECPM.